Eva Scheer MA, INHC, NLC


Wellness and Weight Loss

Made Simple.

Hi! I’m Eva, and I know first hand how hard it is to juggle life’s demands

while trying to find the time and energy to actively take of yourself.

We end up searching for quick fixes and well…

we all know how that ends up! 

I am passionate about helping you look and feel your best by

providing personal attention and strategies tailored to your lifestyle.

I specialize and simplify weight loss in an uncomplicated, no-nonsense way. 

You don’t need any pills, special foods or tricks to get fast results.


What you do need is the right support and effective plan that

works for you and your busy lifestyle. 

My goal for you is:


  • To have a leaner body and stronger mindset. 

  • To have no anxiety or guilt when eating out at social events.

  • To have a healthy nutritious diet without restrictions.

  • To gain a mindset so that nothing will take you off course and if it does, you will have the strategies to get right back on.

  • To gain confidence that goes hand in hand with feeling and looking your best and has that amazing ripple effect into your personal and professional life.     

  • To educate you to have complete freedom and control to make this a lifestyle. ​


I have double certifications in health and wellness coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Nutritious Life Studio. With over a decade of experience and training, I have meticulously thought out and formulated the most enjoyable, uncomplicated way to ultimate food freedom for a lifetime of feeling and looking your absolute best.

My food plan will fit into your lifestyle giving you the highest success for lasting results. Even though I take your health goals seriously, my program is fun and works with your goals.





Time to Feel Your Best!

                                              In good health,          

         - Eva

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